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FLECK 5800 Series Valves


The key to the exceptional quality and performance of a water softener with the Fleck§ 5800 Series control valves is the proven piston-seal-spacer technology. This technology features a hydraulically balanced, PTFE coated piston on the 5800, and a composite piston on the 5810 and 5812, with a seal and spacer cartridge to effectively control service and regeneration flow. With only one moving part, the self-cleaning piston undergoes less wear and tear over time. The end result? A highly durable water treatment system with unsurpassed performance. Pentair Fleck valves are so reliable that a water softener was found in perfect working condition after nearly 40 years in service.




The 5800 Series control valves have been engineered and internally tested to exceed NSF/ANSI 44 standards. A water treatment system with Pentair technology can withstand nearly three decades of uninterrupted daily use.


You can choose a timer that initiates regeneration on a preset time basis, or a more efficient meter system that measures the water used. Because meter systems control regeneration based on water volume instead of time, you can save significant amounts of both water and electricity. Our electronic SXT control gives the benefits of accurate metered controls with the safety of a day override to ensure a clean, long-lasting system. Our user-friendly touch screen controller provides intuitive navigation and ease of programming. The XTR2 controller also allows you to place it on vacation mode to limit regeneration power while not in use.


  • 1. Unconditioned water passes through a bed of resin beads.
  • 2. Undesirable minerals are attached to the surface of the resin beads.
  • 3. All undesirable minerals are removed when the water reaches the bottom of the tank.
  • 4. The conditioned water is distributed throughout the house.
  • 5. Regenerant solution (salt) is used to recharge the resin beads.


  • Fabrics feel softer
  • Sparkling glassware, tile, and faucets
  • Soaps and shampoos have richer lather and rinse cleaner
  • Detergents and cleaning products perform better
  • Fewer repairs to due to hard water scale buildup causing clogged pipes and internal parts of water-using appliances
  • 30% energy savings from a water heater free of hard water scale*
  • 50% savings on laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, fabric softener, and other cleaning products


Evolve Series Softeners

Scientific solutions to water hardness

Water touches many aspects of your home. When doing laundry, washing dishes, bathing, cooking, and of course, drinking, it is important to take the quality of your water seriously.

Our Evolve Series series softeners are engineered to provide the perfect solution to your water needs. With advanced technology and eco-friendly features, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're bringing the best system into your home.


EVRS – Eco-friendly, less is more design

With the EVRS, unwanted minerals and hardness don't stand a chance. This system assures your plumbing and water-using appliances will operate at peak efficiency.

Featuring Evolve Series's patented IQ2 technology, this system is the newest in green technology, using less water and salt while maximizing overall performance.

  • Removes minerals that stain your plumbing fixtures
  • Eliminates foul tastes and odors
  • Reduces hardness, making your detergents and appliances operate more efficiently
  • Minimizes water and salt use, which saves you money
  • Monitors and self-adjusts to water use patterns and changes
  • Available as a twin unit for pure water, no matter the time or day
  • Available as a compact cabinet unit

You can also add our patented Water Efficient Technology, W.E.T.™, to maximize the overall efficiency of your EVRS softening unit. With W.E.T.™, your system will save you even more money on salt and water without sacrificing performance.

Specification Sheet


EVRCS – Take control over city water problems

The EVRCS utilizes split tank technology, combining two types of media in one convenient tank. It gives you control over odor and taste problems common to city water while delivering the clear, soft, odor-free water your household deserves.

  • Environmentally friendly split tank design means no replacement filters and no second backwash filter
  • More efficient water to reduce operating and maintenance cost of household water-using appliances
  • Advanced programming controller set to match your water use
  • Available as a twin unit for around-the-clock water softening

To further maximize your water softening system's performance, consider adding our patented Water Efficient Technology™. With W.E.T.™, your system will provide additional savings on salt and water without sacrificing performance.

Specification Sheet


Evolve Series Twin Softeners – Capability connects capacity & efficiency

Around-the-clock schedules and busy lifestyles require more water and more capacity. That means high-quality water must be available when you want it and need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Evolve Series Twin softener systems do just that, by connecting two units as one complete system.

Twin systems take high-capacity water treatment to the next level. Utilizing patented IQ2 technology, the system works to ensure a consistent supply of cleaner water and makes use of its full capacity.

  • EVRS

Product Line Brochure| Owners Manual | Specification Sheet


Evolve Series Cabinet Softeners – Compact & efficient

If you want all of the features of a high-performance water softener, but have limited space in your home, then the Evolve Series cabinet softener is the perfect solution. Get all the advancements of Evolve Series series softeners in a self-contained cabinet unit.

Evolve Series cabinet softeners are available in the following units:

  • EVRS

Product Line Brochure| Owners Manual | Specification Sheet

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