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Barlow Water Systems services all brands of well pumps and filtrations systems.

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90% of water pump and well pump service calls are related to low or no water pressure caused by pump failure.

Our well service and pump service helps solve:

  • Water pump failures
  • Low to no water pressure problems
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Water quality problems, odors or off colors.

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No Water? Barlow Water Systems can solve it!

Having water pressure problems? Besides water pump failures, sometimes these items can be the culprit of low or now water pressure:

 Buildup of Debris

If your low water pressure problems are localized to one area of the house, the problem could simply be a matter of debris within the faucets or corroded pipes. Our licensed plumbers can make inexpensive repairs that get you back up quickly.

 Water Leaks

Even the smallest water leak in your plumbing can greatly impact your water pressure. Some leaks are nearly invisible and could even be lurking within your well equipment itself.

 Faulty Valves

Corrosion or debris can sometimes clog pressure valves, causing low water pressure or even restricting pressure completely. Our well service techs will check this equipment and make simple repairs as necessary.

 Equipment and Lines

Sometimes insufficient supply lines can also result in low water pressure for your home. We service wells and pumps, so in addition to testing and servicing your pump equipment, we also have a look over your accessible supply lines.


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Barlow Water Systems - Fast, reliable & trusted since 1968

Water is our business! Barlow Water Systems specializes in water purification and pumping solutions. If you have low faucet pressure, we can help! We fix well water issues throughout Connecticut.

Our company was established in 1968 as JH Barlow Pump & Water Conditioning, and continues on as a family-owned business. We take pride in knowing that we provide quality materials and service at a reasonable cost to residential, commercial and industrial customers in the state of Connecticut. We are licensed and insured.

The very finest water purification systems money can buy!

*Barlow Pump Service Guarantee: 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty. Money Back Guarantee. 100% financing available. Call to learn more.

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