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At Barlow Water Systems, we understand how crucial access to well water is for your daily needs. Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in diagnosing and fixing a wide range of well-related issues. Whether it's a pump malfunction, a broken component, or any other problem causing the disruption, we have the expertise and manpower to handle it all.

With a rich history dating back to 1968, our family-owned business has become synonymous with trust and reliability. Countless Connecticut homeowners and businesses have benefited from our top-notch well water services, earning us a well-deserved reputation as the go-to professionals for all well pump, softener, and filtration needs. But don't just take our word for it! Our customers rave about our exceptional service and results, with reviews that speak for themselves.

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Barlow Pump's No-Water Checklist

The most common reasons you may have no water, besides a power outage or drought, are blown circuits or broken well pump components. However, often there are straightforward problems that can stop your water from flowing. Please take a look at our guide below, and if you need any help at all, give us a call!

Besides a broken or tired well pump, here are a few common issues to check when you have no water:

If you have no water, first check other taps in your house

Check other taps: If you have no water at only one faucet and have access beneath the sink, ensure that the nearest shut-off valve didn't accidentally get hit or turned off by other objects nearby. Sometimes even a tiny amount of rotation can stop the flow. If you have no water pressure at other faucets or fixtures, there are still a few more things that you might check to DIY restore your well water service.

If you have no water in your house, have someone check the breakers to be sure one hasn't tripped.

Breaker: If you have safe access to your fuse or circuit breaker box and have labeled your water pump, check to see if the breaker has tripped. Although flipping the breaker back on might solve your problem temporarily, unresolved electrical issues will always lead to failures down the road or even hazardous conditions for you and your family, so get help!

no water tip 3 is to be sure nothing accidentally shut off your water main.

Check your water main: Check your main shut-off valve if you have safe basement access. If you aren't sure which way is on or off, you can have another person check at the faucet while you try both positions, communicating with your cell phones.

no water tip 4 is to ask your neighbors if they have water.

Well water running dry: This may be a complex problem to diagnose yourself, but you may want to call your neighbors to ask if they've also had any water problems. If you find that your water pressure has been running low during dry periods (Even in winter), then your well may have run dry. While this isn't necessarily a DIY fix, knowledge can help you better manage your situation!

no water tip 5 is to check your utility access emergency shut off valves

Emergency shut-off Valves Newer homes have blue and red water shut-off valves like the ones shown. If you have emergency shut-off valves, they could have accidentally been moved and interrupted your water flow. Just be sure that you know which way is open.

no water tip 6 is to verify that inline filters haven't become clogged or turned to off position

Inline Filters: Interruptions to well water service or pressure can also be caused by clogged inline filters. Check that any inline filters are clear and that valves didn't accidentally get moved to off positions. Some inline filters have a bypass mode that you could also try to rule out anything on a filter level blocking water from flowing, like corrosion or sediment.

no water tip 7 is to be sure that your pressure tank is at least 40psi

Check your pressure tank (low-pressure problems): Is your pressure tank at the right level? Are there any leaks or signs of water in your basement? Your tank should have a gauge to tell you how much pressure is behind the water flowing through your pipes. If your gauge reads below 40 psi, you might have a pressure tank problem.

No water tip 8 is for a single faucet - unscrew the filter to verify that it hasn't become clogged

Clogged taps: This one you can probably check on your own, but old tap connections can become corroded or clogged with sediment. The cheapest solution is to unscrew and clean the tap & filter or replace the fixture.

Image shows well water pipes

Problems with water lines: Old or incorrectly sized water lines can cause low or no water pressure. Barlow Pump can help diagnose, repair or replace any failing lines, big or small.

It's never fun to be without water. Don't panic. We understand how difficult it can be to be without well water, and getting your well service back up and running is our absolute top priority.

Image shows well water pipes severely clogged with rust and sediment, better call barlow

Corroded or clogged pipes: Old homes with hard water often experience mineral residue inside pipes.

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If you've made it this far and still have no water, don't worry, Barlow Water Systems™ priority well pump service team is ready to come to your home. We've been helping your neighbors maintain their water systems here in Connecticut since 1963.

Many claim to have the best price but may offer questionable resolutions. Put us to the test. You'll be delighted with the results, reliability and the price!

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