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Bubble-Up® Interactive™

Every Bubble-Up is built with safety features, ease of maintenance, aesthetics, and quiet operation in mind.

  • REPCO Meter Control and Water Alarm safety features
  • Compact size
  • Clean, neat electrical outlet installation
  • Patented efficient water flow eliminates the need for control panel
  • No wiring, pumps or controls near the floor
  • FDA approved polyethylene, BPA-free tank

The Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM removes radon from water and includes safety features such as meter control and alarms for vent obstruction, high water and leaks - even during power outages. The Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM Meter Control automatically reminds you when it is time to perform routine maintenance. The Meter Control is the key to safe performance.

The Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM lets you know what’s going on.

Water Alarm Valve for Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM:

  • Leak and vent obstruction detection
  • Audible alarm
  • Shuts off water
  • Fully integrated into the Bubble-Up so that bypass is fully functional

Water Meter Control for Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM:

  • Monitors flow in real-time
  • Totalizing meter with resettable alarm
  • Measures Peak Flow

Bubble-Up® InteractiveTM Features

  • Pressure gauge
  • Flow direction arrows
  • Digital flow meter (pictured)
  • Water alarm sensor (pictured)
  • Status lights show when to change the battery
  • High water drain pipe connection provided
  • Optional blower alarm add-on available
  • Triple safety water alarm sensor (pictured)
    1. Overfilling water stop
    2. Leak water stop (top and floor sensor)
    3. Plugged vent water stop
  • Triple back up water alarm valve
    1. Battery back up
    2. Float backup
    3. Solenoid fill valve backed up with motorized ball valve
    4. Optional motorized fill valve
  • Flow Rates
  • Dimensions
    1. Bubble-Up Interactive:
    2. Depth: 30” Width: 25” Tank Height: 41” Overall Height: 60”
    3. Bubble-Up Junior Interactive:
    4. Depth: 18” Width: 24” Tank Height: 41” Overall Height: 60”

AIRaider S Series


The S Series AIRaider models take the AIRaider’s 20+ years of proven effectiveness and dependability and add the benefits of a built-in submersible pump.

  • Easier Installation - No separate pump and pipes to install.
  • Smaller Footprint - Unobtrusive, compact design.
  • Easy Maintenance - Fully accessible, for easy cleaning from the top.
  • Quieter Operation - The built-in pump reduces audible level of pump noise.
  • No Sweating - The double-wall foam-insulated tank will not sweat.
  • Hands-Free Startup - When switch is on, the S50X model will start automatically as needed.
  • Lead Free - Meets SDWA Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act requirements.

433-S50 28428 115V UL Listed Control Panel 0.5hp Regenerative Blower 5.0 Amp 1/2hp Submersible 9 Amp Built-In 3/4” Quick Connect up to 16 GPM3 @40PSI 40-60 up to 99+% 35”H x 34.25”W x 22”L
433-S50X 28429 115V UL Listed Control Panel 0.5hp Regenerative Blower 5.0 Amp 1/2hp Submersible 9 Amp Built-In 3/4” Quick Connect up to 16 GPM3 @40PSI 40-60 up to 99+% 35”H x 34.25”W x 22”L
433-S50X-1 28473 115V UL Listed Control Panel 0.5hp Regenerative Blower 5.0 Amp 1/2hp Submersible 9 Amp Built-In 1” Quick Connect up to 16 GPM3 @40PSI 40-60 up to 99+% 35”H x 34.25”W x 22”L
321-S50X 28425 115V UL Listed Control Panel 0.11hp Regenerative Blower 1.2 Amp 1/2hp Submersible 9 Amp Built-In 3/4” Quick Connect up to 10 GPM3 @40PSI 40-60 up to 95+% 35”H x 34.25”W x 22”L

* 2 year limited warranty. Inquire for details.
1 Flow rate out of system must be balanced to be less (approx. 1 gal) than flow rate into system.
2 Range may vary slightly
3 GPM dependent upon repressurization selection. Higher flow rates will require proper sizing. Please call for sizing and technical assistance.
4 Site-specific characteristics and system implementation may affect performance

Tank Features Include:

Attractive look
All mechanicals are on one side for cleaner aesthetics.

Versatile electrical connections
The electrical panel can be mounted on either side of the tank to allow left or right connections or can be all mounted.

Easy-access internal tank design
Removable baffles improve already easy cleaning and maintenance of the 433 series.

Ultra-tight lid sealing method
Molded-in brass t-nuts and stainless steel machine screws provide a tight, mechanically positive seal.


Aeration Method:
Multi-chamber, diffused bubble (433-S models); spray and diffused bubble (321-S50X)
Regenerative Blower 3500 RPM 0.5HP 600 Watt
Integral Stainless Steel Submersible Repressurizaton Pump
Pump Controller:
Pressure Regulator with 40/60 Pressure Outlet to Regulate Pump Pressure, Flow and to Reduce On/Off Cycling. (Pressure Regulator Not Included in 433-S50X).
Solenoid Valves:
Normally Closed Class F120 VAC Stainless Valve Body ¾” NPT
Float Switches:
Three Floats: Middle Float to Turn System On/Off; Upper Float Guards against Overflow; Lower Float Protects Pump from Potential “Run Dry” Condition
Electrical Requirements:
Dedicated Circuit Use a 20amp, 115 VAC, single pole breaker and, at minimum, 12/2 with ground electrical wire
Radon Reduction: Up to 99+% (433-S models); Up to 95+% (321-S50X)
Water Inlet, Outlet and Bladder/Repressuirzation Tank Connections:
¾” Quick-Connect to Suit ¾” Pex or Copper (except 433-S50X-1, which uses 1” Quick Connect)
Vent Outlet:
3” for use with 2” or 3” PVC Vent Pipe (Supplied by Installer)
Air Inlet:
Via 10 Micron Filter
Double Wall Insulated NSF Rated for Potable Water
Tank Operating Capacity:
Up to 44 Gallons (Total Internal Volume 65 gallons) Recommended Repressurization Tank*: Minimum 5 Gallon (S50); 20 Gallon (S50X) * Sold Separately


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