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Grundfos Constant Pressure Water System

Grundfos, a world leader in pumping systems since 1945,offers the innovative SmartFlo SQE Constant Pressure System. Constructed of quality components and supported by Grundfos' global network of distributors and authorized installers, the SQE time tested designs continue to be rugged and reliable.

Installing a new pump in your home is a large investment. Consequently, it is our practice at Grundfos to build value and quality in every product we manufacture and to partner with trustworthy, professional installers who choose the right water supply pumping system for your needs.

Choose right the first time, choose Grundfos and our partners!In your conventional water well application, you have probably experienced poor water pressure when your water supply needs vary. Supplying water at the same time often means dishwashers, sprinklers, showers or faucets stop supplying the water you need! How do you solve this? Simply install a SmartFlo SQE Constant Pressure System.

Constant water pressure means you get the water pressure when you need it. As your water consumption increases, pump performance automatically adjusts to meet your needs. The user-friendly control unit indicates how the pump is performing and warns you of any faults. With a SmartFlo System, water pressure is maintained even if your family is showering, washing the car and watering the lawn at the same time. All of your water supply needs are answered with a Grundfos SmartFlo SQE Constant Pressure System 

Trimline 4" Submersible

Precision-engineered corrosion-resistant composite. TrimLine® pumps deliver efficient, dependable performance even in rough, aggressive water.


  • SignaSealTM staging system incorporates a harder-than-sand ceramic wear surface and a floating impeller design - which together literally pulverize sand and small debris. This proven feature reduces lock-ups, dry-runs, and abrasive wear.
  • Floating Stage Design is engineered to transmit forces away from the motor bearing and through the pump housing. This reduces premature wear and misalignment.
  • Fully-Enclosed Shaft Bearing creates a pressure zone that prevents sand & water from entering. Eliminates wear and misalignment.
  • Wear Ring forms a seal between impeller hub and suction cap for low friction and no unwanted recirculation of water.
  • Corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic discharge for durability in aggressive water.
  • Large octagon wrench area for ease of installation
  • HORSEPOWER: Available in 1/2 thru 1-1/2
  • HP PERFORMANCE SERIES: 5 GPM & 7 GPM Series Available
  • NUMBER OF STAGES: 10 - 30 (model dependent)
  • VOLTAGE: 115v (1/2 HP only) or 230v AC, 60 Hz
  • MATERIALS: Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastic
  • NUMBER OF WIRES: 2- or 3-wires plus ground (model dependent)
  • SHELL: Stainless Steel Shell
  • DIAMETER: 3-3/4"
  • LENGTH: 25-1/2" to 47" (model dependent)
  • WEIGHT: 24 to 47 lbs (model dependent)
  • DISCHARGE: Fiberglass reinforcedthermoplastic, 1-1/4"
  • NPT DISCHARGE BEARING: Self Lubricating Nylatron®
  • IMPELLERS: Acetal
  • SIFFUSERS: Polycarbonate
  • SUCTION CAPS: Polycarbonate withstainless steel insert
  • THRUST PADS: Proprietary spec.
  • SHAFT END COUPLING: Stainlesssteel
  • INTAKE: Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastic
  • INTAKE SCREEN: Polypropylene
  • CABLE GUARD: Stainless steel
  • CHECK VALVE: Acetal

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